My big list of bitcoin trading bots, trading tools, software and “auto trading robots” that I have found.

I encourage all of you to take caution when dealing with the vast majority of the following bitcoin trading bots.

From a historical look, most trading bots can not beat seasoned traders in the day trading of crypto. Some of the following links may contain affiliate links which we will earn a commission on if you purchase. Thank you in advance and enjoy this massive list of every crypto trading bot, software and tool we can find.

Many people lose significant money trying to utilize bitcoin trading bots.

Down toward the bottom of this list you will find some bots that we do not link to. This is on purpose!

They are almost definitely a scam! If it turns out I’m wrong, I will gladly update and publicly apologize, but I explain why they’re probably a scam. Always do your due diligence!

Bitcoin Trading Bots Huge List

  • Gunbotshop

  • Currently offering three levels of access depending on your trading needs.

    • Gunbot Standard – 0.050btc
    • Gunbot Pro – Usually 0.240btc, currently on sale for 0.075btc
    • Gunbot Ultimate – Usually 0.590, currently on sale for 0.125btc

    You can also buy a “starter pack”, a “support pack, and a “settings pack” for different amounts.

    A one time payment gets you lifetime access to whichever bot you go with.

    Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  • ProfitTrailer 2.0

  • A crypto bot with ability to integrate multiple buy and sell strategies at once.

    Features include –

    • “Monitor dashboard” to see a full view of your trading and your bot
    • “Possible buy” to see a potential trade before committing
    • “Pairs” to see an overview of your purchased coins waiting to be sold
    • “DCA” – ‘Dollar Cost Averaging’, a special feature of the bot where you can get rid of your bags
    • “Sales” This is where you would see your sales. Who wouldn’t want to keep an eye on that?
    • “Config” This is where you can change between a basic and an advanced editor
  • Crypto world evolution

  • Automated crypto trading platform with three service levels, four if you want to include their app which they will let you use for free, however very limited in options.

    As for the three paid options, they start at $500 and then go to $1000 and $2000 respectively.

    Automate and semi-automate your trades.

    Included with all three of their paid options are free marketing and trading courses for you to check out if you’d like to dive deeper into crypto trading.


  • With Cryptotrader, you can build your own bot based on your strategies and tolerances in a cloud-based bitcoin trading bot.

    Truly cloud based, no software to download and get set up properly.

    Support for all major exchanges, backtesting tool to check out how your strategy would work over different marketing strategies.

    Strategy marketplace to sell or buy those great strategies.

  • Gekko

  • An open source bitcoin trading bot.

    According to their front page, Gekko will take care of

    • Aggregating live market data
    • Calculating indicators
    • Executing live orders (tradebot)
    • Simulating order execution (paper trader)
    • Calculating profit and risk metrics
    • Graphing the results in a web interface
    • Managing and importing historical market data
    • Simulating live markets using historical data (backtesting)
  • Haasbot

  • A well regarded trading bot with three pricing plans.

    We cannot find any way to prove if this is true or not, but they promote themselves as the “original trading bot”. I mean, technically someone had to create the first one, right?

    The following price structure is for 12 months at a time which includes discounts, although they also offer 3 month and 6 month plans as well.

    • Beginner – “for getting started” – 0.066btc
    • Simple – “ideal for growing investors” – 0.114btc
    • Advanced – “made for seasoned traders” – 0.187btc
  • Leonardo

  • (
    An automated secure trading terminal designed to be easy to trade bitcoin and other crypto’s.

    Another bot with three services for you to choose from. There is a sale as I type this, I will list both the sale and the normal prices here. One nice thing going on over here is that you can buy your bot with USD in case you do not already have bitcoin to spend.

    • Starter $129.00 / 179.99
    • With the starter you get Unlimited Bots, All technical indicators, and 1 Exchange

    • Standard $259.00 / $349.00
    • Same as the Standard plan but All Supported Exchanges

    • Professional $2999.00 / $3999.00
    • Same as the two listed above, but also with Multiple API’s

  • Zenbot

  • An opensource bitcoin bot running on node.

    Unlike most of the other bots on this list, this one is totally free. However, you’ve got to be ready to put in the work here and be familiar with github, unpacking source files, running commands from the command line, etc.

    As such, they’ll warn you themselves that if you screw something up, you’re on your own!

    In exchange, here’s a totally free bot for you to use that works with Binance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, CEX.IO, GDAX, Gemini, HitBTC, Kraken, Poloniex, QuadrigaCX and TheRockTrading. If you are comfortable with all of the stipulations attached to this one, go nuts!

  • Cryptohopper

  • Like virtually any other bot that your going to find for sale, the words greet you as soon as you land on their main page, “the best automated crypto trading bot!”

    More importantly though, is the fact that you can try this “best” bot, totally for free! It’s one of the four price structures along with the following –

    • Free Hopper – 7 Day Free Trial
    • Includes 80 positions, 15 selected coins, maximum 2 triggers, tech analysis every 10 minutes

    • Explorer Hopper – $19 Per Month
    • This is the same as the ‘Free Hopper’. It’s what you get after your 7 day trial

    • Adventure Hopper – $49 Per Month
    • Includes 200 positions, 50 selected coins, maximum 5 triggers, tech analysis every 5 minutes

    • Hero Hopper – $99 Per Month
    • Includes 500 positions, 75 selected coins, maximum 5 triggers, tech analysis every 2 minutes, all coins for signals, arbitrage

  • Gunbot

  • Via the Cryptobot
    Works on Poloniex, Bittrex, Binance, Kraken, Gdax, Bitfinex, Bitmex,, KuCoin, Huobi, IDAX, and Cobinhood.

    Gunbot offers 3 different bots with different price structures. Keep in mind that these are all 75% off at the time I am typing this – 10.10.2019

    All three of these are available to run in Windows, Linux, Mac, and ARM.

    • Gunbot Standard
    • 1 trading market, 500 GUNTHY tokens

    • Gunbot Pro
    • 3 trading markets, 750 GUNTHY tokens, Crypto-Sight telegram bot, back testing add-on

    • Gunbot Ultimate
    • 5 trading markets, 1250 GUNTHY tokens, Crypto-Sight telegram bot, back testing add-on, trading view add-on

  • Cryptoblizz

  • A fully automated dynamic crypto trading platform.

    For a one time payment of USD $185 you will get

    • Lifetime Usage
    • Unlimited Bots
    • One License supports all Supported Exchanges
    • Backtesting, Simulation, Smart Triggers
    • Email and Phone Notifications
    • Free Support and Documentation
    • Ability to Write Your Own Algorithms
  • 3commas

  • Another automated trading bot based on technical indicators.

    At this time supports 17 exchanges, 3 price structures available along with a free trial.

    Concurrent stop loss and take profit. Trailing features. Long bots, short bots, bots with QFL method,composite bots.

    • Juior – Free
    • This is the free trial. From their site, “All Features are Available, Some Limitations”.

    • Starter – $22 per month
    • Smart trading terminal, without limits for trading, error and cancellation notifications, best choice if you don’t need bots.

    • Advanced – $37 per month
    • Smart trading terminal, without limits for trading, simple bots, personal signals trading view.

    • Pro – $75 per month
    • Smart trading terminal, simple + composite bots + Bitmex, personal signals trading view, full portfolio management.


  • A bitcoin arbitrage bot (catbot forum)

    They make themselves sound a little more technical than some of their counterparts. The main web page says to come back after you know all of these terms/words”, but this is actually pretty good advice no matter which bot(s) you choose to go with!

    Bitcoin | Trading Crypto-currencies | Coin ticker | API Key, API Secret | Bid / Ask Price | Chart | Deposits and Withdrawals | VPS – Virtual Private Server | 2FA | Log

    With Catbot you buy the bot you want that works with specific exchanges. Right now they are offering,

    • ARBI – POLONIEX Triangular Arbitrage Bot
    • ARBI – Triangular Arbitrage Bot For BINANCE
    • ARBI – Triangular Arbitrage Bot For OKEX

    All of the above are 0.030btc, (other crypto’s accepted). Also available are

    • TigerTrade Pro Trading Platform for Bitmex, Binance, Bitfinex, brokers, MT5
    • starting at $49 per month with a 14 day trial

    • C.A.T. Cryptocurrency Automatic Trader 5.2 Crypto BOT
    • which is 0.065btc

    Lastly, for 0.015btc each you can get the license needed for, Poloniex, Bittrex, Yobit, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Binance, Cex.IO, LiveCoin, OKCoin, Stex Stocks, TheRockTrading, Vaultoro, C-Cex, HitBTC, and/or Kraken


  • A paid automated ‘hamster’ bot with forum.

    With this one there is no registration beyond an email address. Uses a dedicated IP and personal SSL domain.

    Can choose your bot to trade on Binance or Bittrex for a chosen amount of time. The choices are 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 months at a time. *Editors note – No matter which of those options I choose if I were to play with the sign up window, it always says “12 dollars”. I am going to assume that is for 1 month, although I could be wrong!

    Available payments options are

    • bitcoin
    • Paypal
    • Bank Wire
    • Ethereum
    • Waves
  • Marginbot

  • This one here supports the following exchanges –

    Huobi, Bittrex, BlueTrade, Gemini, Coinbase Pro, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Okex, Bitfinex, Kraken, HitBTC, Binance, OKCoin, CoinOne

    Unlike many others, they offer customer support in the case of problems or questions that they do not answer in the FAQ.

    Like many others, there are three different options for you to choose from.

    • Starter – $129
    • Up to $10,000 on one exchange. Unlimited bots, all technical indicators, 1 exchange.

    • Standard – $259
    • Up to $100,000 on per exchange. Unlimited bots, all technical indicators, all supported exchanges.

    • Professional – $2999
    • Unlimited balance. Unlimited bots, all technical indicators, all supported exchanges, multiple exchanges per API.

  • CryptoBotOne Ping-Pong

  • An automated trading robot.

    Lots of different options here. For the sake of simplicity, all of these prices are in btc, although they also accept Litecoin and Ethereum as well.

    All of the bots listed below have the same price structure.
    Cryptobotone Arbitrage Bot, BitMEX Ping Pong Strategy Bot, Crypto Take Profit Stop Loss Bot For Bitmex, Ping Pong Bot For Bittrex, Crypto Ping Pong Bot For Binance, Ping Pong Bot For Bitfinex

    The price for those bots is

    • 1 Month – 0.0042 btc
    • 3 Months – 0.011 btc
    • 1 Year – 0.043 btc
    • Lifetime – 0.15 btc

    Other Services Available –

    • Binance New Coin Listing Bot Telegram Notifications
    • Bittrex New Coin Bot Listing Telegram Notifications (Alert)

    Both of the services listed above are priced as

    • 1 Month – 0.001 btc
    • 2 Months – 0.002 btc
    • 3 Months – 0.003 btc

    And then lastly you can also go with Cryptobotone QFL Bot PRE-SALE, Yobit Simple Order Maker Script, Yobit Simple Order Maker Android App, Arbitrage Opportunity Telegram Alert.

    All of those services in the paragraph above are on their site, but there are no prices listed for these!

  • ARBI bot

  • An arbitrage bot, (see their forum here).

    From the front page of the website –
    ARBI is high frequency triangular arbitrage trading bot.
    Triangular arbitrage means that the bot can execute arbitrage trades on single exchange (intra-exchange)
    avoiding all the risks involved in arbitrage between exchanges.

    The four exchanges they support are

    • Poloniex
    • OKEx
    • Yobit
    • Binance

    and the price structure they follow is.

    • A Single License – $250
    • The Double Pack – $500
    • The Quad Pack – $700
  • MiningHamster signals

  • There are 3 signals to trigger trades, (also known as ‘passive bots’), 1 ‘active bot’, and if you can program yourself, 1 that you can set for either passive or active.

    • Crypto-PHP (Passive)
    • Exchanges with Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, price is $12 per month.

    • Zignaly (Passive)
    • Exchanges with Binance, still in BETA, free while in BETA.

    • Cryptohopper (Passive)
    • Exchanges with Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, Kucoin, price is $19.00 per month.

    • Nefertiti (Active)
    • Exchanges with Bittrex, Binance, Kucoin, price is free as long as you are a subscriber to MiningHamster.

    • Your Self Coded Bot (Passive or Active)
    • Exchanges with Bittrex, Poloniex, Binance, Kucoin, price listed as *Users pay for themselves or Developer subscription

  • Butter-Bot

  • This is currently closed to new customers. Will update if/when that changes.

  • Crackin’ Kraken

  • Automated trading bots in the cloud, Strategies marketplace, Backtesting trading strategies, Instant email alerts & SMS notifications.

    Supported exchanges –
    Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, Coinbase, Kraken, Bittrex, KCoin, Binance, Huobi
    with 5 price structures.

    • Basic – Includes back testing, email alerts, 1 trading bot, equity limit of $1000, from 0.002 btc per month.
    • Regular – Includes the above with 3 trading bots, equity limit of $5000, from 0.0027 btc per month.
    • Pro – Includes the above plus SMS alerts, margin trading/short positions, access to multiple trading instruments, $20,000 equity limit, early access to new features, 5 trading bots, from 0.0051 btc per month.
    • VIP – Includes the above plus priority support, unlimited equity, 10 trading bots, from 0.0097 btc per month.
    • Premium – Includes the above and you get 25 bots, from 0.024 btc per month.
  • Enigma Catalyst

  • An algorythmic trading library for crypto assets written in Python.

    You really will want to know about Python before jumping in on this one.

  • CryptoArbitrager

  • From their main page – ​​​​​It ‘s a software solution that allows you to make money on the difference in rates of cryptocurrencies: bitcoin, litecoin, etherium etc.

    Looking around, we cannot find anything that says they are a scam or find anyone with a negative experience.

    However, they just do not want to tell you a lot about their company or their services without downloading and installing the bot. User beware!

  • Bitcoin Code

  • This one is listed here because it is a bot for sale that you will find online.
    We are not linking to it as it looks like a scam for sure.

    They make promises on their front page of, Earn a guaranteed $13k in exactly 24 hours!


    If that were remotely true, we’d all be multi-millionaires already.

  • Binbot Pro

  • This one is for use with binary options trading and bitcoin so it’s almost for sure a scam.

    A quick glance stats minimum deposits of $500 and only working with 3 brokers that are not found anywhere else on this list. Stay away.

  • Crypto robot 365

  • Intentionally not linked.

    For binary options – another scam to avoid most likely (since it’s dealing w/ binary options).

    *Update – Definitely stay away!

    They show images of the “top traders of the month” along with how much they made. That’s already screwed up enough, but this editor took these images of their “customers” and did a reverse Google search just for laughs.

    All of their customers are linked to hundreds of obvious spam Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc etc accounts.

  • Centobot

  • Once again, it is recommended to stay away.

    See Binbot Pro above.

    This is the same site, different name.

  • USI Tech

  • 100% scam. They’ve been busted.

    Just for an interesting article about them, check out this link from Coin Central.

  • MyBitcoinBot

  • Looks like a scam out of the gate. Another site filled with bologna claims of fortune and assumptions that just cannot be matched.

    A Google search of their name brings up a result of them being a scam on 4 of the first 8 results.

  • Btc robot 2.0

  • Actually, 2.3 now, but beware. Another bot that “promises” all the money you’re going to make. An automated bitcoin trading with a monthly subscription.

    Bonus Reads!

    Reddit AMA

    An AMA (Ask Me Anything) from the team at Rialto. Rialto is no more and the AMA is a couple years old, but still an interesting read.

    AMA Thread

    Bitcointalk Forum

    A forum thread discussing different bots with different settings.

    About a year old now, but worth a look to see the work others have done!

    Bitcoin Talk Forum

This list is still well under construction!

I’m going to build it out more and more over the coming days. Please let us know if there is a bot (even a scam bot) that we don’t have listed. I want to create the huge list of crypto robots, trading signals and software people can use.