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Crypto MINVaries by coin MAX (Day / Month)N/A
FreeAfter 30 network confirmations
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Crypto MINVaries MAX (Day / Month)2BTC per day at basic level.
VariesNear Instant


Binance is the worlds largest crypto only exchange based on volume. Here are the quick details about Binance.com you want to know before opening an account there.

Official Binance Website

  • https://www.binance.com – make sure you go directly to this URL and do not click on any ads on google. There have been fishing attempts because the word ‘binance’ is easily typo’d. AND a google search for it brought up an entire first page of imposter results! Be safe, use our link to the official site and always guard against fishing attempts!
  • 5 million + registered users
  • Crypto to crypto exchange
  • Largest by volume crypto exchange in the world
  • Trade 100’s of alt coins

Use our links or type carefully the direct URL!

There are spoof websites that use unicode characters to mask their domain name to look just like binance. Could you spot the fake name here?

Notice the little dots underneath the “n” letters? That is a cryllic “n” with the dot underneath. I don’t even know how to quickly type this out in unicode and won’t google it, but that is an example of a totally spoofed Binance website.

Be safe, use our links and bookmark the site yourself! Because if you give your information to a spoof site they will steal your coins if at all possible.


Types of Verification

None, Government ID, Selfie

Verification Process

Basic level verification requires an email address.

They suggest 2FA (as do we) so you will need to give them a phone number for SMS or google authenticator app.

You can withdraw up to 2 BTC per 24h at the basic level.

If you bump your verification level up you need a passport, Drivers License or National ID card and a selfie.

At the next level you can withdraw 100BTC per day.

If you need more than that, you have to contact them directly.

Limits & Liquidity

By volume Binance is the largest so liquidity is strong.

Withdrawal Process

Binance is a crypto exchange with virtually ever crypto coin you can imagine.

You can withdraw hundreds of different coins from there and they all come with their own fee.

They also adjust withdrawal fee’s according to the blockchain conditions regularly.

There are fairly high withdrawal fee’s for Binance compared to other exchanges. It is one reason we have lowered their rating.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Binance accept USD?
No, deposits are with crypto only.

Binance has a quality reputation from around the web for crypto exchanges.

They have at the time of publishing this review, 5 Million registered users.

They are huge.

Please be careful, make sure you go directly to Binance.com and not ANY variation of that URL.

DO NOT click on on a google add to go there.

There have been phishing attempts to steal account info and your coins by people creating fake ‘binance’ login pages and getting unsuspecting users account details and funds.

Binance is a great choice to buy hundreds of crypto coins using bitcoin. I put together a guide on how to buy funfair on Binance you can check out.

You can use any link on this page to go directly there to the Official Binance Website

Name of Exchange
Current Price (USD)

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