Best bitcoin wallet guideBitcoin wallets come in many shapes and sizes. This guide shows you how to choose the best bitcoin wallet for you, how to secure your bitcoin and how to find the best btc wallet for you.

Wallets come in:

  • iOs Wallets
  • Android Wallets
  • Windows Wallets
  • Desktop Wallets
  • Hardware Wallets
  • Open source Wallets
  • Free wallets

Bitcoin Wallet Options

  • Electrum.org – (free) This is an opensource desktop client that lets you quickly and easily create a wallet on your computer to generate bitcoin addresses and receive and send bitcoin.
  • Trezor – (paid) A secure hardware wallet. I use this personally.The┬áTrezor connects via USB cable. It comes with a google chrome desktop wallet that works in conjunction with the hardware to securely store your bitcoin on a piece of hardware that you control.
  • Coinbase.com – (free) quickly get a desktop bitcoin wallet where you can receive and send bitcoin.
  • GreenAddress – (free) A 100% free web based wallet you can access from anywhere. Includes unique security and privacy features.
  • BreadWallet – (free) a free online wallet that is simple to use and works everywhere.

iOs Wallets



Hardware Wallet

Securing Your Bitcoin

I highly recommend getting a hardware wallet if you keep any significant balance in bitcoin. I personally use and like the Trezor. It is easy, simple to use and extremely secure. If you are holding bitcoin then do yourself a favor and get a hardware wallet.