About Us

BestBitcoinExchange.com was launched in July of 2017 to begin shining a light on the exploding bitcoin exchange industry.

The team behind the site consists of industry veterans with nearly 15 years of experience of creating user driven review websites. Our primary goal is to provide you with safe, reputable and legit bitcoin exchanges you can feel comfortable doing business with.

In the world of bitcoin exchanges it is more important than ever to find a legitimate place to buy, sell and trade crypto currencies.

The question of “where should you trade” is one you need to research very carefully.

Our goal is to become a place where legitimate, honest and uncensored reviews (except for spam, shills or obviously fake comments) are posted on these exchanges for everyone to see before sending their hard earned bitcoin there.

About The Webmasters

We missed the boat on Bitcoin back in 2010. And we were just about to jump on board.

“I think we should buy some bitcoin… it just jumped up to $3.00 but it will come back down I bet. Let’s put $2000 into it when it comes back down to $2.”

It is 2010 and my business partner and I are just about to buy into bitcoin with a significant chunk of cash for us at the time.

Instead, we sat on the sidelines hoping the price would come down. It was a few dollars per bitcoin then.

We watched as the prices kept rising. We missed the boat, so we felt.

We were busy with other projects and quite frankly bitcoin more or less fell off of the map for us.

Then, in 2016 things changed again for us. One of our clients was big on bitcoin and got us back into.

If we wanted to stay competitive we needed to do the same. It was time to start looking back into our old boat that we missed.

We had to start buying, selling, receiving, sending and storing crypto currencies.

We began to uncover a lot of pitfalls along the way. There are a lot of ways to lose your money in the digital crypto world. We wanted to make sure that didn’t happen to us.

As we learned best practices, best websites and best bitcoin exchanges we decided that we could make a better site to help new bitcoin buyers and traders find a home.

About Our Reviews – Uncensored Comments Other Than Spam – Negative Reviews From Users Are Published

We stand behind the Consumer Review Fairness Act of 2016 so if you are an exchange that gets a tough review then so be it.

We allow negative reviews.

More people are likely to publish negative complaints online than positive ones.

When you read reviews from real people, especially on things as challenging as trading bitcoin on exchanges, the reviews are likely to be negative in nature.

So, if you feel ripped off by one of the exchanges listed here then by all means we want your opinion on these brokers, exchanges and P2P marketplaces.

We need real users to help us build a top list of the most legit bitcoin exchanges online.

Help us show people the best ways to buy bitcoin for the first time and how to safely store it.

Thank you in advance and enjoy the reviews!

Exchanges, Wallets and Storage (Oh My)

So, back to the story of how this website came about.

In the middle of 2016 we set were more or less forced to create accounts at Coinbase and Blockchain.info. It was actually pretty simple to get set up and registered. Coinbase, back then, wasn’t nearly as busy as they are now. Customer service was then responsive and we were set up with attached bank accounts within a four to five days. We were in business.

We also decided to test out a few other exchanges as well. Notably Kraken, another fiat exchange licensed and regulated in the US and Poloniex which offered a huge selection of other coins (like ripple, monero, dash etc).

Thus began our on-going journey into the crypto exchange asylums.

There are a ton of shady and out right crazy bitcoin exchanges out there. We legitimately want to help you navigate this minefield safely.

Let’s be honest here, investing and trading bitcoin and crypto’s is inherently risky enough by itself. Adding into the dangers and risks involved with shady exchanges, wallets, hackers and con artists make it a challenge to stay up to date. It does not matter how good of a trader or ‘hodler’ you are if you are buying bitcoin at scam exhanges, you are not going to get your bitcoin.

So, use this website and our toplists to stay up to date with the reputable exchanges. We update our lists weekly and encourage user reviews, ratings and comments. These are uncensored except for spam or anything illegal of course.

Affiliate Disclaimer

Many of the exchanges, services, providers and links we list here end up earning us affiliate income. We are affiliates and this site is funded by affiliate revenue. Some of the links on this site will result in commissions being earned. These will NEVER increase the price you pay for anything. As a matter of fact, many times you will end up getting a better deal just by using links found on this website.

Thank you in advance for using our links with confidence!

You can learn more about our websites terms and conditions here.

Contact us

The best way to reach us is via our support desk. You can see what nonsense and meme’s we post on Twitter or reach out to us via a support ticket. To other webmasters and exchanges wanting to be listed here we apologize for our response time.

What You Can Expect Here

You can expect to find reviews, ratings and top-lists of the current legit cryptocurrency exchanges, brokers and P2P marketplaces.

You can find guides on how to buy bitcoin and ethereum using various payment methods as well as finding out what other traders think of an exchange before sending your money there.

You will find links to interesting discussion regarding exchanges and the best additional information about a topic we can find from around the web. We try hard to maintain an accurate and up to date site but we are for entertainment and informational purposes only.

You will not find trading advice other than the basic ‘how this type of trade works’ article.

You will not find hype or coin pump and dump plans.

You will not find investing advice. We are not professional financial advisors nor do we ever attempt to be.

You should always only deposit the amount you are ok losing. Bitcoin and crypto currency trading is high risk.

We wish you the best of luck and welcome aboard this bitcoin train!