Bitcoin Fork August 1st – Exchanges That Support and Those that Don’t

The fork of bitcoin coming on August 1st has lead to many things. One of them is how are the exchanges going to treat the upcoming fork.

From the way we understand things, if you own bitcoin currently (own meaning have your own private keys), like in a ledger, trezor or other hardware wallet you will get 1 bitcoin cash (BCC) ‘free’. Here are some important exchange updates on this situation.

  • CEX – Will automatically give you 1/1 bitcoin cash for your bitcoin. You can keep your balance here. (source)
  • Coinbase – They will NOT give you 1 / 1 BCC. You only have access to your existing current bitcoin. My advice is to withdraw your bitcoin from coinbase to your hardware wallet
  • Kraken – They just announced they will match 1/1 of the new BCC and enable trading shortly after the fork is completed. This seems to be a fairly safe exchange to keep your bitcoin on during the fork as you will easily get BCC
  • Bittrex – They support BCC with a 1/1 basis
  • Poloniex – Doesn’t make it 100% clear but seems to say they will match BCC at a later date IF they choose to support that chain.
  • Gemini – No announcement yet that I see, I would not count on getting BCC here.

It looks like the Trezor and Ledger wallets will be perfectly safe during the fork and you can create a new wallet on the BCC blockchain since you own your private keys with both of those hardware wallet solutions.

You can learn about “Bitcoin Cash at their official website,