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NFTs 101: A Newbie’s Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens

If there is one big buzz word in the world of crypto right now, it is “NFTs.” They come up in discussions surrounding just about every topic under the sun, whether it is art, investing, video games, or sports. But what are NFTs? A lot of articles just assume that you already know. If you…

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Crypto News, March 2022 Update

Heading into April we can take a look back at the month of March and see that the roller coaster of the last few months has seemed to slow down for the most part, at least for the time being. Highlights Russia and Ukraine We’ll hit up on this real quick as we know that…

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Crypto News, February 2022 Update

There’s always a time to buy and a time to sell in the crypto world and while we head into early March, we’re definitely looking at a “time to buy and hold”. Many of the most popular cryptos took a loss in the last month but luckily most of these losses were not on the…

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